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HINDUSTAN AERONAUTICAL & MARINE MANAGEMENT, is targeting to become one of the leading Crew Manning Company with a strong and reliable worldwide network in over 10 countries and territories. We can serve every single demand of your ship and aircrafts at any corner in the globe as well as add value and increase competitiveness of your value chain. We are specialized in making airlines safe competitive and viable, modern businesses clients, and overcome, immediate challenges and achieve excellence with our support. Our experts create successful, durable solutions for airlines throughout the world.

In a wide range of international projects, our experienced professionals have created successful solutions to address the immediate challenges, and long term aspirations of airlines around the world. Take a look at some of the challenges facing our airlines clients in a selection of recent assignments. Our partners benefit from a complete range of services catering to all of their business.

What We Achived

Strength & growth comes only through continuous effort.
HINDUSTAN AERONAUTICAL & MARINE have kept up my flying machine for more than twenty years. He does fantastic work at a reasonable cost or more all stands by his work. I exceptionally suggest him.
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Behind Our Success

Mr. Aaron Kumar Sharma

CEO & Founder

email id- ceo@hindaero.com

Mr. Abhishek Gupta

Executive Director

email id- info@hindaero.com

Prof. A. Siddique

Vice President

email id- vp@hindaero.com

Mr. Das

Aircraft Maintenance Manager

email id- info@hindaero.com

Capt. Sandeep Sinha/Karamveer Singh

Aircraft Quality Manager

email id- info@hindaero.com

Miss. Swati Dhingra

Aviation Assistant Manager

email id- info@hindaero.com

Dr. P D Kohli

Managing Director

MBBS, MD –Radio Diagnosis/ Radiology/ Radiologist, 28 years Experience.


We provide them induction initially, after that we give them practical training on our own Aircraft = B200, C90 and TWIN ENGINE HELICOPTER (OJT). We have an experienced staff of people who understand Aviation, they go through the candidate’s profile thoroughly, and after that they consider Candidates totally on merit basis.

CREW MANAGEMENT HINDUSTAN AERONAUTICAL & MARINE SERVICES AVIATION MANAGMENT are offering extensive team control alternatives to the delivery market. Growing Aviation business has shown that human resources is the most important source of all. The success of an individual or company relies on the quality of their people. Considering the above factor, we provide appropriate applicants to our fundamentals to meet their specifications. The choice of the team is done by us with the kind of boat, payment consider your experience of the applicants on similar kind of Aircraft, etc. Our recruiting process is devoted to offering teams with highest possible skills and self-sustainable ability. Furthermore the entire liability of the applicant right from their choice to their positioning on panel and their following repatriation on completing trip of responsibility is performed by our fundamentals. Suitable applicant specifications are taken care of by the Principals themselves. Resourcing from n unique share of Authorities and Scores, our overall purpose is to provide balance and a continual of employees, providing significant advantages to the performance of a potential customer’s. Hindustan Aeronautical & Marine Services aviation is in a position to provide all type of team and officers with any other nationality anywhere on PAN India basis.


Our Technical Services is dedicated to providing consulting and project management expertise to projects of varying scope and complexity. Over the years we have delivered our services to more than 250 co-operate houses and appreciate the complexities and planning required to meet client requirements. Our team of experts is comprised of Aviation Engineers, Superintendents and Ground Engineers, supplemented by specialists from other pertinent fields of expertise. Their combined technical and practical knowledge spans the Aviation Industry.


Knowledge and Experience is intrinsic to our team and our Commercial Management’s commitment to safety, the environment and quality management has rewarded the company with increasingly positive results. We are suitably organized to provide competitive advantage as well as a mechanism to limit the exposure to market fluctuation and keep the company responsive to opportunities in shipping. We have an enviable heritage, a wealth of knowledge and experience team and we provide the best quality means premium services to clients that is ultimately reflected in increased profitability for both the companies and clients. Auburn Ship management maintains the high standards, with respect to safety, the environment and personnel, and through its dedication to the best quality, our commercial management team to provide superior for its clients.


Clients Superior returns can be achieved by a combination of above market returns and below market risk. Risk management is one of the foundations of our business. The risk management system developed in-house cover all areas of our business. Effective risk management is core to us; operating in a highly volatile market, all potential risks have to be considered and efficiently managed. Our Risk Management cell works to protect the Company from market volatility by actively monitoring bunkers, freight, currencies and interest’s rates. Our risk management methodology is key to the decision-making process for both physical and paper trading. We closely follow the world’s oil markets by using a comprehensive database and sophisticated software tools, which help track refinery margins, inventories, inter-regional arbitrage and macroeconomic data. Chartering deals identified by the Projects and Chartering Department undergo a thorough risk analysis We Serve clients and big business houses like:


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